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Civil wedding ceremonies. 

This is a non-religious ceremony conducted by Sola municipality. You can book a ceremony with us and we will contact you to confirm if a solemnizer is available.

The time for the wedding ceremony will be agreed no earlier than 4 months before the preferred wedding date. 

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Ceremonies are available

  • Monday to Friday: Between 9-15.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Between 11-15, for a fee.
  • Other times may be considered for a fee.

Please note that there are no ceremonies bookable on the following days:

  • On so-called red days (Bank holidays).
  • On "squeeze" days.
  • School holidays/days off at school, see complete calendar

If you require witnesses arranged by Sola Council:

  • This is possible Monday to Friday, between 9-15.
  • A fee of NOK 500 will be required. 

If you have any questions, please contact the political secretariat.

Foto av Sola rådhus - Klikk for stort bilde

Where to have your ceremony:

Costs, details of fees

  • Civil marriage is free for people living in Sola municipality, in vigselsrom and seremonirom within the municipality's opening hours. This also applies to couples who are not residents in Norway. 
  • For weddings at other times and places, a fee of NOK 2000 will be required.
  • For weddings for people residing in other municipalities, a fee of NOK 2500 will be required.


  • The wedding ceremony can take place in Norwegian or English.
  • For other languages, the couple must provide an interpreter.

Submission of documents

  • Before the ceremony, the couple must make sure that self-declarations, maid of statements and certificates are sent to the National Registry to verify that the conditions for marriage have been met.
  • The National Registry will then issue a test certificate valid for four months. This must be sent to Sola municipality/political secretariat:, as soon as possible or no later than one week before the wedding ceremony.
  • All questions related to the test certificate must be addressed to the population register at your regional tax office (Skatteetaten).
  • The final marriage certificate will be submitted by the population register and sent to you by mail.

Skatteetaten: Overview of forms

The wedding ceremony

Before the ceremony

  • The couple, witnesses and guests must meet at least 15 minutes before the agreed time.
  • You must wait outside the ceremony room until you get ushered inside.

During the ceremony

  • The ceremony lasts between 10-15 minutes.
  • The wedding ceremony itself takes place when the solemnizer reads a fixed text for civil marriage.
  • At the end of the ceremony you, the witnesses and the solemnizer will sign your names on the marriage protocol.
  • Photographing and filming is allowed during and after the ceremony in agreement with the solemnizer.


  • If you wish to exchange rings, you must notify us beforehand, preferably when you agree the time of the ceremony.
  • You can also notify the solemnizer before the ceremony begins.

After the ceremony

  • The municipality sends a wedding announcement to the population register (Skatteetaten) within three days after the marriage ceremony.
  • A copy will be sent to the couple. This acts as a temporary marriage certificate until you receive the final marriage certificate from the population register.


Standard text - Procedure for a civil marrage (PDF, 77 kB)